2011 National Conference Diversity Highlights

The SPP Diversity Committee Special Interest Group sponsored several events at the 2011 National Conference on Pediatric Psychology

By Josie S. Welkom, MA, and Naomi E. Joffe, MA
John Chaney, Ph.D., highlighted both the conceptual and applied aspects of cultural diversity for research and practice in his plenary address, “Enhancing Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Research and Practice of Pediatric Psychology.” Chaney, who is also a member of the Diversity Committee SIG, emphasized the integral role of cultural diversity in pediatric psychology and described models for increasing multicultural awareness. He highlighted model programs that incorporate key elements of training, research, and practice essential for the delivery of culturally sensitive care to underrepresented pediatric populations.
Janelle Hines presented on the INNOVATIONS program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center whose mission is to integrate pediatric and community research with professional development and service-learning opportunities from high school through post-doctoral training. Lindsey Cohen, Ph.D., presented on his Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Graduate Program Education training grant that supports graduate students to provide culturally competent, evidence-based, psychological research and clinical services within an interdisciplinary team to disadvantaged pediatric populations.
The Diversity SIG meeting led by Celia Lescano, Ph.D., hosted a vibrant and diverse group of individuals representing a range of universities and medical centers spanning all levels of training and professional status. Yelena Wu and Lisa Clifford, Ph.D., led a discussion on “Diversity Issues in Multidisciplinary Care/Collaboration.” They highlighted personal experiences as trainees, the importance of supervision, and the resulting clinical impact. Further, attendees discussed their professional interests with regards to clinical, research, and training endeavors. Lescano also discussed the committee’s initiatives, which include the Diversity Research Grant (deadline for applications October 1, 2011), the Diversity e-Resource Library, and student programming at conferences.
Mery Taylor led an anonymous group of reviewers to select five winners from more than 30 eligible posters. The Diversity Poster Award Winners are: Ivette Cruz, University of Miami, “Identification of Effective Strategies to Promote Language Development in Young Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants;” Sarah Martin, Georgia State University, “Examination of Disability and Success in Leading a Value-based Life in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Differences by Gender;” Elizabeth Pulgaron, Drexel University and Mailman Center for Child Development, “Childhood Obesity in Minority Families: The Role of Abuelas;” Alvina Rosales, Georgia State University, “Examination of a Computerized Parent Training Program to Manage Distress of Children Receiving Immunizations in a Latino Population;” and Marilyn Sampilo, University of Kansas, “Acculturation Among Mexican-American Participants in a Family-Based Obesity Intervention Program.”
The SPP Diversity SIG will sponsor a skill-building session at the 2011 APA Convention on how to highlight diversity issues in professional research presentations and why it is important. The session will be both didactic and interactive. To join the SPP Diversity SIG or to learn more about this session, email Dr. Lescano, Member-at-Large for Diversity.