SPP History

In February of 2008, the SPP Executive Committee approved the establishment of the position of SPP Historian and a History Committee. The initial committee (listed below) consists of a cross-section of generational representatives in the history of SPP. The History Committee will guide the collection and archived accessibility of historical material for researchers and students.

As one of the charges to the History Committee, the History Pages will provide information on the founding, development, and activities over time for the Society, and will provide resources on the vibrant field of pediatric psychology. These pages will eventually present historical milestones, articles on SPP and pediatric psychology history, photographs and artifacts from different eras, conference programs, white papers, task force reports, and other publications of SPP.

The History Pages are a work in progress. As part of their initial development, we invited anybody with photographs and other materials to submit materials for inclusion here, especially photos and documents from the early years of SPP. This invitation is still open. We look forward to hearing from you.

SPP Historian: Anne Kazak, PhD

Current History Committee:

  • Anne Kazak, Historian, Chair
  • Brandon Aylward
  • Ronald Brown
  • Kimberly Canter
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Laura Mee
  • Michael Roberts
  • Diane Willis 

Initial History Committee:

  • Ronald Brown
  • Gerald Koocher
  • Anne Kazak
  • William A. Rae
  • Lawrence J. Siegel
  • Annette La Greca
  • Gary Mesibov
  • Brian Stabler
  • Gene Walker
  • Sue White
  • Donald Routh
  • Carolyn Schroeder
  • Diane Willis
  • Dennis Drotar


In 1989, as part of the celebration of “Coming of Age” for the Society of Pediatric Psychology when the organization turned 21 years old, Phyllis Magrab (SPP Historian) collected these Recollections (PDF, 21MB) from the then Past-Presidents of the Society (and the photographs were presumably from the year in which the President served his or her term).