Accessing member services

Learn about the division email lists, journal, newsletter and member directory.

Division 54 Email List

  • Join the division email list

Send an email to:, with the following command: ADD DIV54-MEMBERS (Email address) (First name) (Last name) in the body of the message (do not include parentheses and do not write anything in the subject line). For example: ADD DIV54-MEMBERS Jane Doe

  • Sign off the division email list

Send an email to: Leave subject line blank and in email, type “signoff div54-members” (without quotes).

  • Change your email address or for problems using the division email list

Send an email to Lindsey Cohen at

Student Email List

  • Join the student email list

    Go to:

  • Change your student email list membership

    Send an email to:

Division Publications

  • Access the Journal of Pediatric Psychology

    Go to: and type in user name and password.

  • Read past newsletter issues


Division Member Directory

  • Check your membership status, change your contact information, or to ask about SPP programs and services

    Send an email to:

  •  Join the online member directory

    Send email to: to ask for online directory registration form.

  • Make changes to your online member directory listing

    Send an email to: