Adolescent & Young Adult Resource Bank (AYA SIG of APA Div54)


This section to the RESOURCE BANK is currently "under construction." Please check back later!

Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Resource Bank

The AYA SIG is excited to collaborate with the C/L SIG to expand the PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY RESOURCE BANK to include assessment and intervention resources specific to the AYA population and pediatric to adult transition! Please click on each link below to view our current list of AYA resources. We will be updating the list periodically, so feel free to email the AYA SIG Communications Chair, Jill Plevinsky ( with any articles or measures that you would like us to include.

[Goal: include a video link from an AYA discussing their transition experience or something like that to promote greater awareness] - [BEST WAY TO DO THIS IS TO POST THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AND PROVIDE ME WITH THE LINK, BETTER YET THE EMBEDDED CODE SO THE VIDEO CAN BE VIWED WITHOUT LEAVING THE RESOURCE BANK WEBSITE]

[AYA Assessments/Measures (link to measures organized by construct or chronic condition/population)

[AYA Interventions (link to interventions and treatment protocols organized by chronic condition/population)This section of the PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY RESOURCE BANK has been created for the AYA SIG (Adolescent & Young Adult Special Interest Group) of APA Division 54 for posting of resources specific to addressing the assessment and intervention needs of those pediatric psychologists working with these populations.

To submit materials for consideration for posting on this page please refer to the instructions on the Upload Files tab on the Home Page.