Graduate Student Spotlight

Katie Kidwell is the Spring 2016 winner of the SPP Graduate Student Spotlight Award. Katie is a fourth year graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the mentorship of Timothy Nelson, Ph.D. Katie’s areas of research interest include children’s health behaviors and health promotion, with a focus on pediatric sleep.  Her dissertation is examining the effectiveness of a brief sleep intervention for children presenting with behavioral/emotional concerns within outpatient clinics and integrated primary care settings.  Katie has presented her research at national and local conferences and has collaborated on multiple published manuscripts.  

Katie is recognized as an outstanding student who has made contributions to the field of pediatric psychology through research, clinical work, teaching, and service. Clinically, Katie has gained experiences with a number of pediatric populations in medical settings.  She has received numerous awards for her academic and research accomplishments, including the SPP Student Poster Award in 2016.

In the future, Katie plans to pursue a research career in order to continue examining key pediatric health issues.