Institutional Subgroup of the Antiracism Workgroup

Subgroup Co-leaders: 

Maribeth Wicoff

Colette Gramszlo


  • Support pediatric psychologists in becoming advocates for change within their own institutions including strategies for leading discussions about racism and making changes to practices with other healthcare providers and hospital leadership
  • Reduce racial disparities within pediatric psychology
  1. Address bias in recruitment (pipeline) and sustainment of pediatric psychologists who identify as BIPOC through outreach and recommendations to the SPP board
  2. Reduce disparities and inequity in pediatric psychology patient care

Current Projects:

Topical Review: The purpose of this topical review is to describe the unique role pediatric psychologists have in addressing forces that drive racism within healthcare settings.  Recommendations for anti-racist actions at each level within an organization will also

Membership Forum: This space allows for all members to discuss anti-racism efforts that are taking place at their institutions as well as to discuss strategies to move anti-racism efforts forward.

Get Involved!

Please email Maribeth Wicoff for information on joining the Institutional Subgroup.