Nominees for Member-at-Large : Training

Meet David Janicke, Deidre Logan, and Britt A. Nielsen

The Division 54 slate of candidates for the 2012 election for division Member-at-Large : Training.

David Janicke, PhD

David M. Janicke is an associate professor in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida.

He earned his PhD from Virginia Tech and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Janicke is a Fellow of APA Division 54. In his current position, he is heavily involved in research and clinical practice, and mentoring of graduate students, interns, and postdoctoral fellows. He directs the Behavioral Pediatrics Outpatient Psychology Clinic at the University of Florida.

Janicke is the PI on multiple NIH- and Medicaid-funded trials examining the effectiveness of community-based interventions addressing obesity in underserved and at-risk youth. He serves on the editorial board for the JPP, is the current editor of the SPP newsletter, Progress Notes, and also is a co-editor for a special JPP issue on innovative treatment and prevention programs for pediatric obesity. He has served as a reviewer for numerous SPP conference and grant awards, as well as multiple NIDDK special emphasis grant review panels.

Candidate Statement
My enthusiasm for enhancing student development, my experiences mentoring trainees in research and clinical service at all levels of training, and my service on the SPP executive committee as newsletter editor should serve me well in this position.

As editor of Progress Notes, I have strived to build on the work of my predecessors by expanding content specifically targeting student issues and increasing opportunities for student contributions to the newsletter. I hope to continue to positively impact trainee development and growth as member at large over the coming years.

The next generation of pediatric psychologists needs to be prepared clinically and scientifically for a changing and competitive health care system. A decade ago, a SPP task force provided recommendations on the training experiences considered most important for successful research and practice in psychology. As member at large, one of my top priorities will be to encourage and help SPP update these training recommendations, which will include devising a list of clinical and scientific competencies to help pediatric psychologists excel in the future. It will be vitally important to not only facilitate student input on these recommendations, but to also work with the SIGS and SPP mentoring program to continue to build new and improved training opportunities for students. In addition, I will advocate for continued growth in funding for trainee awards to facilitate quality research and dissemination.

I would be honored and excited to serve our society in this capacity.

Deidre Logan, PhD

Deirdre Logan is a pediatric psychologist in the Division of Pain Medicine, Department of Anesthesia at Children’s Hospital Boston and assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. As director of Psychology Services for the Division of Pain Medicine she oversees and participates in clinical, research, and teaching activities related to psychological assessment and treatment of pediatric pain. Her research focuses on psychological aspects of pediatric chronic pain, with particular emphasis on the roles of school and family systems in the child’s pain experience.

Logan received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan where she also completed her internship at the University Center for the Child and Family. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and subsequently served as a staff psychologist in the Pain Management Program.

Candidate Statement
I am honored to be nominated by my colleagues for the position of SPP Member at Large for Student/Trainee Development.

Throughout my professional career, I have been actively involved in clinical and research training both within psychology and across disciplines in the healthcare setting. The opportunity to contribute to education and training initiatives at the division level is one I will embrace with enthusiasm and energy. SPP has a strong emphasis on fostering career growth in the field, and I look forward to advocating for the needs of trainees and early-career pediatric psychologists.

The most critical issues facing pediatric psychology trainees today include evolving their roles within the changing healthcare environment. I will work to ensure that SPP continues efforts to help trainees navigate the current challenges in behavioral and multidisciplinary healthcare. Specific goals for my service include further expanding and enhancing the SPP mentorship program to meet the differing needs of trainees and early-career psychologists. Additionally, I would like to focus on the newly developing Special Interest Groups within SPP as a venue for trainee development. I believe these SIGs can offer trainees additional guidance and exposure to a variety of career trajectories within specific areas of the field. For example, the development and circulation of “core competencies” within subfields of pediatric psychology such as pain management, adherence, and adjustment to chronic illness is an important training role that the SIGs can assume.

I look forward to providing service to the society as Member-at-Large and hope that you will give me your vote.

Thank you!

Britt A. Nielsen, PsyD

Britt A. Nielsen is an assistant professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at MetroHealth Medical Center and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. She received her BA in Psychology at the University of Oklahoma and an MA in Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma. Nielsen received her doctoral degree from Indiana State University, and completed her internship in Health Psychology at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. She completed her postdoctoral training as LEND Fellow at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in the University of Arkansas Medical School Department of Pediatrics.

Since joining MetroHealth Medical Center in 2002, Nielsen has served as a clinical supervisor for practicum students and coordinator of the practicum placement for psychology graduate students. She participates in the training of medical students and residents in the departments of pediatrics, psychiatry, family practice, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Nielsen participates in NIH-funded research on the use of telehealth interventions for children and teens with traumatic brain injuries.

Candidate Statement
It is an honor to be nominated to serve as a Member at Large for Student/Trainee Development. I am fortunate to work in an academic medical center with a strong tradition in teaching. This affords me the opportunity to work with trainees at many levels and across disciplines. I serve as a clinical supervisor for child and pediatric psychology practicum students and postdoctoral fellows. I have the opportunity to guide student research by serving as a committee member for doctoral research projects. I also work with premed students, medical students, and residents in pediatrics, psychiatry and physical medicine and rehabilitation providing seminars and hands on experience in pediatric psychology.

I am interested in the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and technology for clinical care. As a trainee and as a supervisor, I have had over 10 years of experience using EHRs in medical settings. EHRs have implications directly related to privacy of our patients and impacts how we supervise our trainees’ documentation and reports. Moreover, I participate in NIH-funded research on delivering interventions via online videoconferencing, and believe SPP should be leading the way for preparing psychologists for providing telehealth services. Training young professionals about documentation and the provision of care in the electronic age is important for preparing them for the future of our field.