Resources for COVID-19


Information here has been largely "crowdsourced" through the SPP listserv and requests to members. While we have done our best to post accurate and unbiased information, we have not been able to fully vet all sources. Please contact the SPP Webmaster (Dustin Wallace) at with any corrections, concerns, or additions.

Self-Care for Healthcare Providers

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For families: Talking to children and teens about COVID and helping their stress

For families: Coping with social distancing

Information relevant to young people with specific health conditions

Specific financial and other resources

School/Education information to share with Children and Families

Education and distance learning for pediatric psychologists and trainees

Special thanks to Meghan Walls, Jennifer Pendley, Line Caes, Wendy Ward, Anne Kazak, Carolina-Nicole Herrera, Mary Ann McCabe, Lindsey Cohen, Maribeth Wicoff, and the Peds SIG of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association.