SIG Poster Award Winners

Special interest groups awarded several poster awards at the 2013NCPP.

Student Poster Award Winners

Title: A Pediatric Obesity Intervention For Rural Youth: Effects on Quality of Life

Authors: Marilyn Sampilo, Kimberly Canter, Ann Davis, & Kelsey Dean 

Title: The Relationship among the Built Environment, Weight Status, Caloric Intake, and Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Rural Children 
Authors: Megan Cohen, Bridget Armstrong and David Janicke 
Title: Understanding the Stressful Challenges of Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Management in Caucasian and Hispanic Youth 
Authors: Alyssa Lee and Deborah Wiebe 
Title: Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management to Improve Daily Activity Levels in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease 
Authors: Alyssa Schlenz, Jerrrey Schatz, Catherine McClellan and Carla Roberts 
Title: Parent-Child Behavioral Interaction during Pediatric Immunizations in a Latino Sample 
Authors: Ifigenia Mougianis, Alvina Rosales and Lindsey Cohen 
Title: Utilization of Pediatric Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Impact of Ethnicity, Parent Education & Family Income 
Authors; Chinsun (“Jin”) Lee and Nicole Vincent

Complementary Integrative Medicine SIG

Melissa Pielech, Boston Children’s Hospital 

Nicole Vincent, Children’s Hospital of Orange County 

Amanda B. Feinstein, Georgia State University

Pain SIG

Daniel Strotman, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Jessica Fales, Seattle Children’s Hospital 

Maggie Bromberg, University of North Carolina

Gastrointestinal SIG

Jamie Ryan, Oklahoma State University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital