The Journal of Pediatric Psychology and YouTube join to provide enhanced content to SPP members.

By Jennifer Verrill Schurman

A joint effort of the Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) and Journal of Pediatric Psychology (JPP), The JPP Connection strategically links select SPP YouTube video content to special issues and/or individual articles of interest published in JPP. This will allow for deeper discussion of a population or topic than would be possible in a journal-length manuscript (e.g., application of an evidence-based tool/technique in clinical practice, staging and coding an observational method in research) and/or expansion of discussion into a complementary area (e.g., ethical use of a highlighted research strategy, generalization of findings to diverse populations). It is hoped that this will increase access to hard-to-find information and enhance learning by SPP members and the readership of JPP.

The inaugural video is entitled, “Observational Research Methods in Action: The Peer Interaction Macro Coding System.” This brief video is a companion to a paper published (Holbein et al., 2015) in JPP's 2015 Special Issue on Peer Relations in Youth with Chronic Health Conditions. This video provides more detail about the unique observational research methods described in the paper and is intended for both student/trainee and professional audiences. Thanks to the generosity of Oxford University Press, the companion paper will be available to access without charge via The JPP Connection for one month.

Please check out The JPP Connection and the SPP YouTube page for more information and videos in the future. If you are interested in learning more about the SPP YouTube page or would like instructions on submitting a proposal, please visit the SPP website.