2011 National Conference in Pediatric Psychology

Summary of the San Antonio meeting

By Michael C. Roberts, PhD, and Ric G. Steele

2011 National Conference in Pediatric Psychology

Many thanks to all the people in various capacities, including all the presenters for contributing their expertise and enthusiasm for the field, who helped make the San Antonio meeting such a success.
With 499 attendees, this ranks among the largest Pediatric Psychology meetings in our history. The program was noteworthy for almost 300 poster presentations and a variety of plenary sessions, symposia, and workshops that addressed cross-cutting issues in our profession: pain, adherence, quality of life, research design, diversity, health promotion, ethics, and end-of-life care. With strong research designs and clear clinical implications, it is evident that the profession is as alive and vibrant as ever. We hope that the conference serves as a catalyst for professional development with enhanced practice and research.
The Conference also provided opportunities for networking and professional development. Eight of our newly organized Special Interest Groups met to discuss plans for the future, and how they can contribute to Division 54’s mission. The Student Advisory Board hosted a mentoring lunch for trainees and leaders in the field who provided perspectives on career development, clinical practice, and research issues. Forums for the Journal of Pediatric Psychology and the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology also took place. Kudos to the SIG leaders, SAB members, faculty mentors, and others who made these valuable experiences possible.
We also thank a number of individuals and groups for their support. First, we appreciate the input that the Conference Advisory Council (Annette La Greca, Celia Lescano, and Tonya Palermo) and many SPP members provided. Relatedly, we thank RTI International and the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology for their generous donations, as well as the SPP Executive Board, Membership Committee, and Diversity Committee for their financial support.
We also thank the members of the Scientific Review Committee for their evaluation of the submitted abstracts. With approximately 470 submissions, the Review Committee expended considerable effort in deciding on posters and QOL symposium presentations. Members are listed below.
Finally, we thank the behind-thescenes people without whom this conference would have been impossible—many thanks to Stacy Walters and her staff at University of Kansas Continuing Education, Christopher Cushing, Emily Kessler, Jason Van Allen, numerous other student volunteers, and Karen Roberts. We are proud to have worked with each of these individuals to bring this conference to reality.

2011 National Conference in Pediatric Psychology Scientific Review Committee

  • Lamia Barakat
  • Lisa Buckloh
  • Lindsey Cohen
  • Mark Connelly
  • Ann Davis
  • Meredith Dreyer
  • Christina Duncan
  • Kurt Freeman
  • Chris Houck
  • Carolyn Ievers-Landis
  • David Janicke
  • Elissa Jelalian
  • Bryan Karazsia
  • Lisa Meltzer
  • Monica Mitchell
  • Larry Mullins
  • Ahna Pai
  • Anna Maria Patiño- Fernández
  • Sean Phipps
  • Jane Robinson
  • Kathy Zebracki