2013 Div. 54 APA Convention highlights

Div. 54 delivers an exciting line up of symposia at the 121 st Annual APA Convention.

By Susan R. Patton, PhD

Aloha. The Society of Pediatric Psychology’s (SPP) contribution to the 121 st Annual APA Convention was a great success, and I want to thank everyone who attended APA and presented this year as part of our SPP programming. For those of you who were not able to join us in Hawai’i, I’ve prepared a list of SPP convention highlights. These are not presented in a specific order and many reveal some of my personal reflections. My list is titled “SPP’s Hawai’i Five-0”:

Bariatric surgery options for teens; Psychological assessment for severely obese teens; Posters highlighting research on obesity, cancer, primary care and pain; Sunshine; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Programs training psychologist for primary care; “Be loved in primary care”; Challenges working in the Neonatal ICU; Assessment of postpartum depression; Follow up for families beyond the NICU; 300 SPP membership buttons; Waikiki Beach; SPP board hard at work; JPP/CPPP editorial boards meetings and time to reflect on recent accomplishments and plan for future volumes; Innovation in reducing HIV disparities in youths; Meet and greet for CPPP Editors, Jennifer and Doug; eHealth delivery of motivational interviewing treatment for young adults with HIV or asthma; Real-time assessment methods for adherence in youths; Luau, plumeria lei, and sand; Student social hour with Divs. 37 and 53; SIG meetings for neonatology, obesity and diversity; Ahi, ono, opah, mahi mahi,and waloo; Introducing Div. 54 YouTube Channel; Navigating Life after Graduate School; Sleep research in pediatric pain, cancer and ADHD; Continuing Education credit (10 hours approved for Div. 54); Innovative interventions for frequent fliers of hospitals; “Bending the Curve”; “Triple Aim: Reducing costs, improving health, improving care”; Posters highlighting autism, feeding, diabetes, integrated primary care and sickle cell; Student Poster Award Winners: Jennifer Lovell, Kathleen Parker, Molly Hensler, Samantha Kountz-Edwards and Alex Psihogios; President Rapoff’s address; SPP award recipients: David Bearison, Kris Berlin, John Chaney, and Scott Powers; Genomics, Pediatric Psychology and Headaches; State of the Division Address; New APA fellows: Gerard Banez, Mary Ann McCabe, Susan Simonian, Lori Sue Wiener, and Sean Phipps; SPP Board Service Acknowledgments: Lindsay Cohen, Tonya Palermo, and Ric Steele; Training Programs on Parade; Fresh pineapple on the buffet table; Conversations with old colleagues; Conversations with new colleagues; Div. 54 Social Hour; Sunset over the Pacific; Pretty vistas from the hospitality suite balcony; Bulk container of macadamia nuts; Congenital disorders and access to behavioral health care; Emerging programs supporting the long-term needs of children with congenital disorders; Thank you Karen Roberts, Jennifer Lee, and Erica Sood for your assistance in 2013; An ABC store on every block; Time to appreciate the variety of ways pediatric psychologists contribute to healthier children, youth and families.

The 122 nd Annual APA Convention will be returning to historic Washington, D.C., in 2014 and SPP will be sure to offer an exciting line up of symposia, workshops and posters. Also, new in 2014, will be general convention programming that emphasizes interdivisional and collaborative symposia and workshops that draw on the expertise and experiences of psychologists from different disciplines. These collaborative programs will surely offer new learning opportunities for all of us as well as the chance for pediatric psychology to showcase our expertise and success in caring for children and families. Please keep an eye out this year for convention updates from Erica Sood, PhD, SPP’s APA Program Chair for 2014 and consider submitting a proposal with colleagues from other APA divisions for a new integrative collaborative symposium. Again, Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much). It was a pleasure serving as SPP’s APA Programming Chair this past year.