2014 APA Conference Emphasizes Interdivisional, Collaborative Programs

To promote greater collaboration across disciplines of psychology, submissions from multiple APA divisions

By Erica Sood, PhD
Exciting changes are in store for the 122 nd APA Convention, which will be held August 7–10, 2014, in Washington, D.C.
This convention will emphasize interdivisional, collaborative programming. To promote greater collaboration across the many disciplines of psychology, programs that include participants from multiple APA divisions will be given priority for the annual convention. Programs that incorporate the expertise and viewpoints of multiple psychology disciplines are expected to attract a larger, more diverse audience and are likely to be more informative and educational for all. This collaborative focus will also distinguish the 2014 APA Convention from division-specific conferences.
Stay tuned for more details in the call for programs this fall. In the meantime, SPP members are encouraged to think about how their research and clinical interests intersect with the interests and aims of other APA divisions. See a list and descriptions of all APA divisions.
APA program chairs will be available to assist with the coordination of interdivisional programs and may contact individual SPP members with suggestions for collaborative program proposals. Please contact me with questions about these innovative changes and ideas for interdivisional, collaborative programs.