2019 50th Anniversary History quiz

Participate in the 50th Anniversary SPP History Quiz!

Before the 2019 conference in New Orleans, SPP members participated in a quiz to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SPP.  Here are the questions, answers, and other bits of information to satisfy your curiosity!

Part 1 (pre-conference) questions:

  1. What year was SPP founded? (1969)
  2. What founding pediatric psychologist was a co-author (with Albert Bandura) on studies of children’s imitation and modeling of aggression with the Bobo clown? (Dorothea Ross)
  3. What founding pediatric psychologist made frequent appearances on the morning news programs such as the Today Show to dispense child rearing advice? (Lee Salk)
  4. What pediatric psychologist owned a chain of restaurants? (Logan Wright)
  5. Who was the first editor of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology? (Diane Willis)
  6. Who were the first co-editors of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology? (Jennifer Schroff Pendley & Douglas Tynan)
  7. Who was the first editor of the SPP Newsletter (Gail Gardner)
  8. Where was the first pediatric psychology conference held in 1987? (Cleveland, OH)
  9. How much were SPP annual dues in 1968? ($5!)
  10. The title “father of pediatric psychology” is usually attributed to… (Logan Wright)
  11. What was the name of the newsletter that became JPP? (Pediatric Psychology)
  12. What year did the University of Florida host is first child health psychology conference? (1988)
  13. Who edited the first edition of the Handbook of Pediatric Psychology? (Don Routh)
  14. What developmental psychologist wrote about collaboration between pediatricians and psychologists in 1965? (Jerome Kagan)
  15. What pediatric psychologist wrote the seminal paper in the American Psychologist entitled “The Pediatric Psychologist: A Role Model”? (Logan Wright)
  16. How many psychologists joined SPP in its first year? (97)
  17. When did SPP official become a Division of APA? (2000)
  18. Who was the original publisher of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology? (Plenum Press, March 1979; prior volumes were privately printed by SPP)
  19. Who was the first woman to serve as President for SPP? (Diane J. Willis, 1976-1977)
  20. Why was the initial color for JPP blue? (Don Rourth arranged for it to be printed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, so arranged for the blue cover)
  21. Which successful myster writer was initially a pediatric psychologist?  Jonathan Kellerman

Part 2 Questions:

  1. This question asked to choose some past presidents of SPP, see them all at: https://societyofpediatricpsychology.org/past-officers
  2. In what APA Division what SPP initialy a section? (Division 12)
  3. Who was the first to publish an article about clinical practice in a pediatrician’s office? (Carolyn Shroeder)
  4. How many editions of have there been for the Handbook for the Practice of Pediatric Psychology (as of 2019)? (five!)
  5. What was “adherence” called in the early years of pediatric psychology? (compliance)
  6. When receiving the 1990 Distinguished Service Award from the SPP, Gary Mesibov reflected on three unique, or “special” characteristics he identified within the field of pediatric psychology. These include: (the field’s practical application to tackle difficult human needs, the field’s multidisciplinary approach, and the character of pediatric psychologists he has worked with throughout his career)
  7. Who edited the Handbook for the Practice of Pediatric Psychology in 1982? (June M. Tuma)
  8. Which topic has been most published in JPP? (Cancer)
  9. Who edited a two volume set entitled, Psychological Management of Pediatric Problems in 1978? (Phyllis Magrab)

The quiz may be repeated someday, so keep your eyes out and join the fun!