Ann McGrath Davis, PhD (Candidate Statement)

Office: Member-At-Large Membership 

Ann McGrath Davis received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English from the University of Kansas in 1991, and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University in 1999. She completed her internship year at Father Flanagan’s Boys Home and a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hos- pital Medical Center. She joined the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Pediatrics in 2001. In 2003, she was given a joint appointment in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, and in 2006 she received another appointment in the University of Kansas, Department of Applied Behavioral Science. In 2007 she was promoted to associate professor with tenure. Because of her long-standing interest in chronic health conditions, Davis earned her master’s in Public Health in 2008, and has recently become a board-certified psychologist.
As a faculty member Davis has both clinical and research interests. Clinically, she serves as a member of the multidisciplinary KUMC Pe- diatric Feeding Team and as director of the KUMC Pediatric Obesity Program, Healthy Hawks. She is also an NIH-funded researcher, currently working in the areas of pediatric overweight in rural children and in multidisciplinary outpatient treatments for young children with food refusal. Davis also reviews for many journals, including the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, and served as a co-chair for the 2004 National Conference on Child Health Psychology and the 2009 Midwest Conference on Pediatric Psychology.

Candidate Statement

I am honored my colleagues have nominated me for SPP Member-at-Large for Membership. I was first introduced to SPP during my fellowship training and have found a wonderful group of colleagues and friends through the organization. Being a psychologist in a medical setting can be an isolating experience, but being an active member of SPP allows one to feel a sense of home with similar colleagues across the country. SPP currently offers a wide variety of opportunities for members, such as the listserv, regional and national conferences, the great programming for students, and others.

As Member-at-Large I would work to increase SPP’s membership as well as to increase the voice of and service to members. I firmly believe that being an active SPP member has greatly enhanced my career, and I would work to recruit others to join in our active organization. I appreciate your support and would be honored to serve as your Member-at-Large.