APA Committee on Children Youth and Families (CYF)

Integrated Pediatric Health Care a Priority for CYF.

By W. Douglas Tynan, PhD

APA’s Committee on Children Youth and Families (CYF) is made up of six members of APA selected from all of the APA divisions that have interests in children to assist in guiding APA policy on matters related to children and adolescents. The committee not only introduces issues for APA as an organization to review but also reviews all policies proposed by APA for their potential impact on children and adolescents. This year, the committee chose to focus on systems that serve children, with emphasis on the health care system. As part of that discussion, the quarterly CYF Newsletter that will be published online this fall is focused on Integrated Care in Primary Care Pediatric sites, featuring articles from Div. 54 members and fellows:

  • “Integrating Child Psychology Services in Primary Care” by W. Douglas Tynan, PhD, ABPP; Kathryn Woods, PhD; and Johanna Carpenter, PhD
  • “Integrated Primary Care: Transitioning from Guest to Member of the Team” by Cheyenne Hughes-Reid, PhD, and Meghan McAuliffe Lines, PhD
  • “Competencies for Pediatric Psychology Practice in Primary Care Settings: A Work in Progress” by Lynne A. Sturm, PhD, and Terry Stancin, PhD
  • “Development and Implementation of Developmental Screening Tools in Primary Care” by R. C. Sheldrick and E. C. Perrin
  • “Evidence-based Obesity Management for Primary Care” by Ric G. Steele and Christopher C. Cushing
  • “Making Sleep a Priority in Pediatric Primary Care” by Lisa J. Meltzer, PhD, CBSM

In addition, Nadine Kaslow, president-elect of APA, has announced her three priority areas for the presidential year, which include inclusion of psychology in the medical home. CYF will continue its work in this area, including outreach to other organizations representing health care providers in other professions.

If any SPP members want to raise issues for the CYF Committee, please contact Doug Tynan.