Call for Officer Nominations

Nominations due MONDAY, JANUARY 31!

SPP is now accepting nominations for three positions on the 2023 Board of Directors. Elections are conducted by APA and will be held in the spring of 2022. Winners will be announced in June 2022. The term of office is three years (2023 - 2025) and includes participation in monthly conference calls and attendance at two Board of Directors' meetings per year. All nominees must be a member of Division 54 and an APA Member or Fellow.

Over the past year we have focused on improving feelings of inclusion within our membership as well as improving the diversity of our membership. We realize that many may feel that leadership opportunities often go to those members who are from more traditional pediatric psychology programs. We would love to have more members on the SPP Board of Directors from underrepresented groups. Thus, we want to specifically encourage both self and other nominations from those members from traditionally underrepresented groups. We believe that a highly diverse Board of Directors will increase our effectiveness and impact. Remember, this is YOUR Board of Directors, and it should represent YOU! Don’t be shy- step up and lean in!

Position Details

  • President-Elect 
    The President-Elect shall be a Member or Fellow of the Society elected for a term of three years during which the person will serve as President-elect (2023), President (2024) and Past President (2025). As President, the individual will lead the Society by assuming ultimate responsibility for all ongoing programs, by leading the development of new directions, by maintaining relationships with other organizations, by speaking for the Society in personal and public communication, and by appointing all committees, liaisons, and other offices of responsibility. The individual shall preside at all meetings, shall be the chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall perform all other usual duties of a presiding officer. Several duties begin during the president-elect year and extend through the past-presidential year. Other duties include chairing the Committee on Nominations and Elections, the Division Honors Selection Committee, and the Finance Committee
  • Treasurer (2023-2025)
    The Treasurer shall be a Member or Fellow of the Society elected for a term of three years. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall perform the usual duties of a Treasurer. Major responsibilities include overseeing all funds of the Division, preparing budgets for each Business and BOD meeting, and maintaining and completing all tax forms for the Division.
  • Member at Large for Continuing Education (2023-2025)
    The Member-at-Large (MAL) for Continuing Education shall be an APA Member or Fellow of the Society elected for a term of three years. The MAL for Continuing Education shall be a member of the Board of Directors with the right to vote and shall be available to the President to serve as Chairperson of Standing Committees, Task Forces, and special projects. Major responsibilities include chairing the Continuing Education Committee, serving as the CE Administrator (CEA), and supporting CE administration at SPPAC and with other educational programming.

All SPP members are encouraged to submit nominations, including self-nominations and nominating others.  Ten nominations from SPP members must be received for each candidate. Submit a short form to nominate a candidate. A short form must be completed for each nomination.