Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology updates

A review of special issues and a thank-you and send off to Doug Tynan, PhD.

By Jennifer Shroff Pendley
As I write this, the special issue on evidence-based interventions in pediatric psychology is going to press and will soon be at your mailbox. This special issue, guest edited by Bryan Carter, was published as a partner issue to the Journal of Pediatric Psychology ‘s special issue, guest edited by Tonya Palmero. We hope you find these issues helpful in addressing the current state of evidenced based treatments for a variety of clinical pediatric presentations.
Currently we are soliciting papers for two other special issues:
  • We are seeking manuscripts on practical applications of the competencies within training programs at the doctoral, internship, and postdoctoral level for a special issue on best training practices in pediatric psychology (guest editor and work group Tonya Palermo, PhD; David M. Janicke, PhD; Paul Robins, PhD; Yelena Wu, PhD; Larry L. Mullins, PhD; and Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD). 
  • The Society of Pediatric Psychology and Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics have partnered together and are soliciting manuscripts for joint special issues on sleep in pediatric and developmental conditions via the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Journal of Pediatric Psychology, and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (CPPP; guest editor Lisa Meltzer, PhD).
In addition, we have ongoing calls for papers on quality improvement (associate editor, Jennifer Schurman, PhD) and general training issues in pediatric psychology (associate editor, Paul Robins, PhD).
As many of you know, Doug Tynan, PhD, recently transitioned from Nemours to a new position as associate director for the Center for Psychology and Health at the American Psychological Association.  Unfortunately, he is not able to continue as co-editor of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology and thus, will step down on Dec. 31. It has been a privilege working with Doug these past couple of years and I will miss his vision and collaboration going forward. However, I know where he lives and he can’t go too far in this electronic era.
I would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation for his hard work and dedication to launching CPPP; and I look forward to working with our team of associate editors and enthusiastic editorial board as CPPP enters into its third year.  Thank you, Doug; you will be missed.