Coming soon to your inbox: Society of Pediatric Psychology Workforce Survey

SPP members will be receiving a workforce survey soon.

Do you wonder if your productivity expectations are reasonable? Do you wonder how your salary compares to others in a similar setting? Such questions are often posted on the SPP Listserv, but national data that can be used by pediatric psychologists, administrators, division chiefs or researchers to provide definitive answers are lacking.

SPP has responded to this need for information. A 16-member SPP task force has spent more than a year planning, constructing, pilot testing and refining the IRB-approved SPP Workforce Survey. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Responsibility for the survey now rests with a Workforce Survey Committee (Tim Wysocki, PhD; Marisa Hilliard, PhD; and Cheryl Brosig Soto, PhD).

We need your help! Full members of SPP will be receiving an email invitation with a link to complete the SPP Workforce Survey. Completing the survey takes 15-20 minutes depending on the complexity of one’s employment situation. For more information, an inspection copy of the survey and an FAQ document can be found on a Workforce Survey tab on the SPP website.

The survey will only yield useful results if a high percentage of SPP members complete it, so please take the time to complete this important survey.