CPPP Indexing and Impact Factor

Jennifer Shroff Pendley, PhD; Editor, CPPP

Many people have inquired about when CPPP will be indexed on MEDLINE.  For a journal to be indexed, the journal office (e.g., APA) must submit a formal application.  For MEDLINE, we must show that the vast majority of articles are health oriented and the journal provides a unique offering.  If the application is denied, we must wait two years before reapplying, thus we want to make sure we are ready.  We have been working with the APA Journal office as they have experience in this and can provide input as to whether CPPP will likely be accepted.  We have decided to apply after the special issue on SIG work comes out (first issue of 2017).

To be considered for an Impact factor, several criteria must be in place and an application submitted.  There are three potential outcomes- be given an impact factor, deferred and wait for them to permit you to apply again or be denied.  As CPPP is still very young, it is premature to begin this process.  However, we will continue to evaluate the timing on this process.

We are also working with APA regarding promoting CPPP in numerous ways including social media, press releases, articles in the Monitor, interviews with authors, targeted emails to other professionals, and more.  They remain very positive about CPPP.  Thank you all who have worked to ensure the success of CPPP.