JPP Diane J. Willis Award and CPPP Manuscript of the Year

Recognizing outstanding articles in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology

The Society of Pediatric Psychology has two journal awards: 

  • the Diane J. Willis Award for the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, and
  • the *NEW* Manuscript of the Year Award for the Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology

In 2022, the Editors of JPP and CPPP (incoming and outgoing Editors) met to revise the process for the JPP Diane J. Willis Award and to create a process for the Manuscript of the Year Award for CPPP.  A rubric was created with a parallel process across both journals, allowing for the differences in the type of work submitted to each journal (and consistent with the original intent of the Diane J. Willis Award).

The rubric includes five questions; notably, having a thoughtful approach to diversity, equity, and/or inclusion was added as an item on the rubric consistent with the Society of Pediatric Psychology’s Strategic Plan:

  1. quality of the work in the context of each journal,
  2. implications for the field,
  3. clarity of future directions for the work,
  4. the degree of novelty/innovation or being timely, and
  5. a thoughtful approach to relevant issues of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion. 

Process: The current Editor of each journal sent the Past President the list of articles to review, those with the highest ratings on reviewer and/or Associate Editor ratings during the review process of all articles published that year.  The rubrics were completed on the select articles independently by all members of the Awards Review Committee for each journal.  Committee members then submitted the ratings to the Chair who combined them anonymously so that the Review Committees could view the scores and an average to inform their discussion and decision-making.  Committee members were instructed to recuse from rating in any cases where they employed, mentored, or trained an author. 

The composition for the two award committees included the Past President as Chair, either the MAL for Diversity and/or their designee, and one or more of the authors from the last three previous recipients of the award.   For the new Manuscript of the Year Award, it was determined by the Incoming and Outgoing Editors of CPPP that the two previous Editors would serve in 2022, and past recipients would serve in 2023 and future cycles. 

We are pleased to announce the JPP Diane J. Willis Award for Outstanding Article in 2022.  The Review Committee rated the manuscripts submitted by the Editors, the winner is:

  • Prussien, K.V., Barakat, L. P., Darabos, K. Psihogios, A. M., King-Dowling, S., O-Hagan, B., Tucker, C., Li, Y., Hobbie, W., Ginsberg, J., Szalda, D., Hill-Kayser, C., & Schwartz, L. A. (2022). Sociodemographics, Health Competence, and Transition Readiness Among Adolescent/Young Adult Cancer Survivors, Journal of Pediatric Psychology47(10), 1096–1106.  

We are also pleased to announce the *NEW* CPPP Manuscript of the Year in 2022 Award.  The Review Committee rated the manuscripts submitted by the Editors and the winner of the first-ever CPPP Manuscript of the year award is:

  • Buckloh, L. M., Poquiz, J. L., Alioto, A., Moyer, D. N., & Axelrad, M. E. (2022). Best practices in working with parents and caregivers of transgender and gender diverse youth. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 10(3), 325–335. 

We would like to announce an Honorable Mention to Canter, K. S., Perez Ramirez, A., Vega, G., Bava, L., Barrera, M., Hildenbrand, A. K., & Kazak, A. E. (2022). ESCCIP-SP: Adapting an ehealth intervention for spanish-speaking parents of children with cancer. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 10(3), 314-324.