Diane Willis Award Winners

2010 Diane Willis Award For Outstanding JPP Article

The Diane Willis Award for Outstanding Article in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology was created to honor Diane J. Willis, who served the Society of Pediatric Psychology as founding editor of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, editor of the SPP Newsletter, and president of SPP.

The award’s criteria for selection are high. Articles must: 1) Have the potential to significantly contribute to scholarship in the science and practice of pediatric psychology as evidenced by having a positive impact on the field/topic area by influencing or guiding future research, or having implications for policy, practice, training, and professional developments; 2) Have potential for long-lasting utility and value to the field; 3) Demonstrate particular innovation and excellence in approaching the topic for usefulness in application, development of theory, and appropriateness or advancement of methodology and design; and 4) Provide an exemplar for others to model.

2010 Diane Willis Award Winner

Seid, M., Varni, J.W., Gidwani, P., Gelhard, L.R., & Slymen, D.J. (2010).Problem-solving skills training for vulnerable families of children with persistent asthma: Report of a randomized trial on healthrelated quality of life outcomes. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(10), 1133-1143.

2010 Honorable Mention Articles

Dishman, R.K., Dunn, A.L., Sallis, J.F., Vanderberg, R.J., & Pratt, C.A.(2010). Social-cognitive correlates of physical activity in a multiethnic cohort of middle-school girls: Two-year prospective study. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(2), 188-198.
Le Brocque, R.M., Hendrikz, J., & Kenardy, J.A. (2010). The course of posttraumatic stress in children: Examination of recovery trajectories following traumatic injury. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(6), 637-645.
Anderson, V., Jacobs, R., Spencer-Smith, M., Coleman, L., Anderson, P., Williams, J., Greenham, M., & Leventer, R. (2010). Does early age at brain insult predict worse outcome? Neuropsychological implications. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(7), 716-727.

A Special Thank You To The Selection Committee

Members of the 2010 Diane Willis Award Selection Committee included: Kathy Lemanek (chair, as past president), Maureen Black, Barbara Morrongiello, John Chaney, and Patrick McGrath.