Division 54 Mentoring Project Update

The Division 54 Mentoring Project continues to grow with close to 400 members

By Sharon Berry
The Division 54 Mentoring Project continues to thrive with almost 400 Division 54 members participating, including 184 professionals who have volunteered as mentors, and 195 early-career individuals who have requested mentoring. The early-career group includes a range of individuals from undergraduates to graduate students, interns, postdoctoral fellows, and earlycareer pediatric psychologists.
The primary requests are for mentoring in clinical or research areas, but others want guidance with professional development, career options, choosing internships, etc. Many of the mentors have served in the mentoring role with two or more individuals. Some are well connected within the same region and others are cross-country, communicating by email and/or telephone. Some have gone on to meet at various conferences or conduct research together.
Over time, we shifted to a model that reflects extended networking for a six-month commitment (as many of these relationships began to fade away so we set a limit that might be convenient). We also recognize and communicate that mentors do not replace the university advisors and supervisors. The Mentoring Project highlights Division 54’s strengths and priorities. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our membership and we have a new cohort of students and early- career professionals who will continue this tradition of support for our student members.
For anyone interested in participating, please contact me by email. For those of you who have already been involved but your contact information has changed, please send me the updated information so we can stay in touch.