The EPPN is a forum to bring together scientists and clinicians devoted to research and evidence-based health care within paediatric psychology.


Key Objectives

1) Integrate and strengthen networks of paediatric psychology across Europe

2) Promote collaboration between EPPN and paediatric psychologists and their networks around the world.


The EPPN seeks to grow awareness and utilization of Paediatric Psychology in Europe. Through seminars, conferences and outreach, the EPPN stimulates international collaboration, disseminates scientific findings, and contributes to the development of knowledge and health care in the field of paediatric psychology.


The EPPN Launch Symposium took place on September 15, 2020. See presenters, topics, and a video recording of the symposium here.

EPPN’s main event is the European Paediatric Psychology Conference (EPPC). The next EPPC will take place in Stockholm from October 4 – 6, 2021. Watch for updates at the conference website:

In between the EPPC conferences, EPPN is key for members to actively engage and communicate with each other. We aim to stimulate such interaction through organising various events and creating various infrastructures for interactive sharing of experiences. For instance, the EPPN board is currently working on setting up the following activities:

  • EPPN-specific listserv
  • Regular webinars to share research ideas and findings as well as to act as consultation sessions on difficult cases or service models
  • Interactive newsletter
  • Creating a research directory to easily identify researchers/clinicians with similar interests
  • Twitter account and conversations

Watch this space for any updates on these activities!


Dr. Rikard Wicksell, Sweden
Dr. Line Caes, SPP International Committee Chair, UK

Board members (responsibility within EPPN board)

Dr. Ann Davis, SPP advisor, former President of SPP, USA
Dr. Rocio de la Vega de Carranza, Deputy Chair SPP International Committee, Spain (Intake Questionnaire & Research Network)
Dr. Kim Oostrom, PPN rep, the Netherlands
Dr. Caroline Heary, SIGPeP rep, Ireland (Webinars)
Dr. Helen Griffiths, PPN rep, UK (Communications)
Dr. Marina López-Solà, general board member, Spain (Newsletter & Research Network)
Dr. Judith Houghton, general board member, UK (Membership)
Dr. Inge Timmers, general board member, the Netherlands (Newsletter)
Sharon Bateman - Student member, UK
Abbie Jones - Student member, UK
Louise Reigh - Student member, USA/Norway
Sophie Johnsson, EPPN secretary, Sweden

Senior advisors

Dr. Laura Simons, President-elect of SPP, USA
Dr. Liesbet Goubert, Belgium
Dr. Eline Van Hoecke, Belgium

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For general questions about the network, please contact

To join EPPN, log in to the Member Portal and go to "Join a SIG/RIG/Affinity Group" on the right dropbox. All SPP members are welcome to join.