Introducing our new Student Advisory Board members

Meet the new members of the Student Advisory Board, who will begin their terms Jan. 1, 2016.

By Jackie Lennon
Name:  Katy Darling, BS 
University: Kent State University 
Mentor: Amy Sato, PhD
Research Interests: Health disparities, especially related to obesity prevention in children and adolescents and barriers to healthy weight management within the family context; prevention and intervention for obesity and Type 2 diabetes in low-income families.
Name: Draycen DeCator, MA 
University: DePaul University 
Mentor: Jocelyn Carter, PhD
Research Interests: Understanding the roles of illness-related factors on psychosocial outcomes of children with chronic medical conditions; primary care; treatment adherence; interdisciplinary collaboration effects; neuropsychological outcomes of pediatric youth.
Name: Julia LaMotte, BS 
University: University of Georgia 
Mentor: Ron Blount, PhD
Research Interests: Neurocognitive deficits in youth with congenital heart defects; psychosocial adjustment; parental overprotection; health-related quality of life; transition of health care responsibility; peer relations.
Name:  Ashley Marchante, BA 
University:  University of Miami 
Mentors:  Annette La Greca, PhD; Alan Delamater, PhD
Research Interests:  Impact of migration-related stress; family functioning and peer relations on health behaviors; and cardiometabolic risk in Hispanic youth.
Name:  Tarrah Mitchell, MA 
University: University of Kansas 
Mentors: Ric Steele, PhD; Christopher Cushing, PhD
Research Interests: Pediatric health promotion; pediatric weight management; weight-related health and behaviors; physical activity; peer relations