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Join Division 54 Pediatric psychology is an integrated field of science and practice in which the principles of psychology are applied within the context of pediatric health.

The field aims to promote the health and development of children, adolescents and their families through use of evidence-based methods.

Founded in 1969, the field has broad interdisciplinary theoretical underpinnings and draws

Society of Pediatric Psychology vision statement

  • Subscription to the Journal of Pediatric Psychology
  • Representation and advocacy for pediatric psychology
  • Option to join the SPP member email list, with postings about job openings, discussions of clinical issues, referral requests, etc.
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  • Programming specific to pediatric psychology at the annual APA meeting
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  • Opportunities to be involved and volunteer in SPP
  • Various awards and grants for students and psychologists at all career stages
  • Opportunity to participate in various Special Interest Groups within SPP
  • Participation in the SPP mentoring program — as mentee or mentor
  • Access to online member directory and option to be listed in the directory

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