Journal of Pediatric Psychology Highlights

Several exciting special issues ahead for JPP and a collaboration with CPPP.

By Grayson N. Holmbeck, PhD
Four issues of JPP have been published thus far in 2013 and they include three “Pioneers in Pediatric Psychology” papers, three award papers based on presentations at the 2012 APA Convention and two editorials. I would like to remind readers about our new topical reviews submission option. These reviews are meant to be brief, up-to-date reviews of the latest hot topics in our field.
We are delighted to report that the sixth JPP issue will be a special issue on Adherence in Pediatric Medical Conditions, edited by Lori Stark. Later in the year, two other special issues will appear:
  • Innovative Treatment and Prevention Programs for Pediatric Overweight and Obesity, coedited by David Janicke and Ric Steele.
  • Statistical Applications in Pediatric Psychology, coedited by Bryan Karazsia and Kris Berlin.
Two new calls for papers have recently been distributed via the Div. 54 email list and will also appear in future issues of the journal. One of these is a special issue on Direct Observation Research in Pediatric Psychology, edited by Tim Wysocki and the other focuses on Peer Relations in Youth with Chronic Illness, co-edited by Vicki Helgeson and me. Finally, Tonya Palermo is editing a special issue on Evidence-Based Interventions in Pediatric Psychology, which will be a follow-up to an earlier special issue on this topic and will help to inform Div. 54’s evidence-based website. One exciting feature of this special issue is that it will be published simultaneously with a special issue of SPP’s new journal, Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (CPPP) , on the same topic, edited by Bryan Carter.
Finally, in collaboration with the CPPP editors, we have developed the following submission policy statement related to case studies and single-case investigations: “Although there may be some exceptions, most case studies should be sent to CPPP . Single-participant studies that employ rigorous A-B-A-B designs and/or statistical strategies can be sent to JPP . All others will probably fit better with CPPP .”
As always, I want to thank the associate editors for their remarkable work – Dean Beebe, John Lavigne, Tonya Palermo, Lori Stark, Ric Steele and Tim Wysocki – and Susan Wood for her excellent work as the editorial assistant for the journal.
For any type of manuscript, please refer to the Instructions to Authors, and papers can be submitted online. If you have feedback or questions, please contact me.