Journal of Pediatric Psychology highlights

The Journal of Pediatric Psychology’s new editorial team reports that submissions rates remain steady, improvements have been made to the journal’s website, and two special issues are in the works

By Grayson N. Holmbeck, PhD

The Journal of Pediatric Psychology’s new editorial team is off to a good start. We received over 100 submissions prior to April 30, 2012, indicating that we are on pace to exceed 300 submissions in 2012. This would indicate that the submission pace maintained by Dennis Drotar and the previous editorial team has continued.

Based on feedback we received at open discussion sessions (the most recent being the SPP conference in Milwaukee), we have revised the journal’s website to make it easier to initiate new submissions. We also received feedback from authors who were concerned about the length of reviews when they are asked to “revise and resubmit” a manuscript. Thus, we have added a note on the reviewer form asking that all reviews be two pages or less in length. Other feedback included requests for: more feedback from editors to reviewers regarding the quality of reviews, special issues on certain topics, a continuation of the mentoring program, the inclusion of more commentaries and review articles, and the addition of a “challenging cases” section. With respect to the latter, we will determine whether this type of initiative is feasible after a new editor is in place for the new Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology journal.

We want to remind you about two special issues. The first focuses on innovative treatment and prevention programs for pediatric overweight and obesity. Deadline for submission is October 1, 2012. Please contact David Janicke or Ric Steele if you have questions about this special issue. The other special issue is on adherence and seeks to highlight innovative approaches to the treatment or prevention of pediatric non-adherence as well as other issues relevant to this important topic. Deadline for submission is November 1, 2012. Additional information can be obtained from Lori Stark.

I want to thank the associate editors for their superb work thus far in 2012: Dean Beebe, John Lavigne, Tonya Palermo, Lori Stark, Ric Steele, and Tim Wysocki, as well as Susan Wood for her excellent work as the journal’s editorial assistant.

Manuscript instructions and papers can be submitted electronically. Also, I call your attention to the website feature that lists JPP papers by topic.

More generally, I look forward to serving you. I may be contacted via email.