JPP Review: Upcoming New Special Issues

For the first time, we will coordinate a special issue of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology with special issues in two other journals!   Specifically, “Sleep in Pediatric and Developmental Conditions” (guest edited by Dean Beebe, PhD) will be coordinated with two special issues on the same topic in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (guest edited by Carolyn Ievers-Landis, PhD) and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (guest edited by Lisa Meltzer, PhD). The JPP issue will be #6.

We have already published two special issues in 2016:  (1) “Trauma and Child Health in Pediatric Psychology,” (guest edited by Annette La Greca, PhD, Jonathon Comer, PhD, & Betty Lai, PhD), in issue #1, and (2) “Diversity and Health Disparities,” (guest edited by Celia Lescano, PhD, Daphne Koinis-Mitchell, PhD, & Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD), in issue #4.

We are pleased to report that we have two special issues with deadlines in 2016: (1) “Unintentional Pediatric Injury” (guest edited by Barbara Morrongiello, PhD & David Schwebel, PhD; submission deadline is June 1, 2016), and (2) “Adolescent and Young Adult Health” (guest edited by Katie Devine, PhD, Maureen Monaghan, PhD, & Lisa Schwartz, PhD; submission deadline is September 1, 2016). There is also a special issue with a deadline in 2017: “Prevention in Pediatric Pain” (guest edited by Tonya Palermo, PhD & Amy Lewandowski Holley, PhD).

We have other special issues in progress (for which the submission deadlines have passed): (1) a special section on “Cost Effectiveness and Economic Impact of Pediatric Psychology Intervention” (guest edited by David Janicke, PhD & Kevin Hommel, PhD), (2)

“Disorders of Sex Development” (guest edited by David Sandburg, PhD, Nina Callens, PhD, & Vickie Pasterski, PhD), (3) “Psychology in Pediatric Primary Care” (guest edited by John Lavigne, PhD), and (4) “Family Processes and Outcomes” (guest edited by Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD, Cynthia Berg, PhD, Deborah Wiebe, PhD, & Grayson Holmbeck, PhD).

As always, I want to thank the Associate Editors for their remarkable work (Dean Beebe, John Lavigne, Tonya Palermo, Lori Stark, Ric Steele, and Tim Wysocki) and Susan Wood for her excellent work as the editorial assistant for the journal.

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