New SPP Student Advisory Board Members

Read member background and specialties
Brigitte Beale, MA, Wright State University
Mentor: Julie Williams, PhD 
Research Interests: pediatric obesity outcomes and the role of positive psychology constructs upon the outcomes in pediatric obesity interventions.
Kimberly Canater, MA, University of Kansas
Mentor: Michael Roberts, PhD 
Research Interests: child and familial adaptation to chronic illness, with a particular interest in elements of culture that interact with illness and recovery processes. Also, transitions to survivorship, specifically in school reintegration following illness or injury.
Shana Schuman, MS, University of Florida
Mentor: David Janicke, PhD 
Research Interests: treatment of childhood obesity, disordered eating behavior, and psychosocial functioning in pediatric chronic illness populations. Also, examining psychosocial functioning of adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 
Clinical Interests: children and families in multidisciplinary clinic settings.
Jason Van Allen, MA University of Kansas
Mentor: Ric Steele, PhD Research Interests: integrating strengths identification into pediatric practice, issues and applications of technology in pediatric psychology, adherence to medical and behavioral treatment recommendations, measurement, and peer relationships. 
Clinical Interests: pediatric health behavior, motivational interviewing, telehealth, and training.
Nicole Wightman, MA Kent State University
Mentor: Beth Wildman, PhD Research Interests: relationship between adherence to medical regimens and the health beliefs of chronically ill children, their parents, and healthcare workers. Also, understanding the factors that promote improved communication among pediatricians, their patients, and their patients’ families in order to increase medical adherence. 
Clinical Interests: patients with feeding difficulties and cystic fibrosis.