Nominees for APA Council Representative

Meet Kathleen Lemanek and Michael C. Roberts

The Division 54 slate of candidates for the 2012 election for APA Council of Representatives.

Kathleen Lemanek, PhD

Kathleen Lemanek is a professor of Clinical Pediatrics at The Ohio State University School of Medicine and Public Health and a pediatric psychologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She earned her PhD from Louisiana State University and completed her internship training at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University.

Lemanek’s clinical and research interests and programmatic responsibilities center on pain management, focusing on sickle cell disease (SCD) and generalized pain syndromes; adherence to medical regimens, and psychosocial adjustment to SCD and pulmonary disorders. She has authored chapters and articles on assessment, intervention, and training, and has presented at international, national, and regional conferences.

Lemanek has served as an associate editor of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology and as Progress Notes newsletter editor. She is on the editorial boards for JPP and Children’s Health Care and is an ad-hoc reviewer for several psychology and pediatric journals, such as the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and the Journal of Pain. She has served as SPP’s member-at-large for membership, treasurer, and president. She is a site visitor for the APA Internship Accreditation Program and is a Fellow in the APA divisions of 53 and 54.

Candidate Statement
I am honored to be nominated to represent Division 54 as an APA Council Representative. I have been an active member of Division 54 for over 25 years and feel I can effectively represent issues affecting pediatric psychologists at the Council level.

Over the course of my career, I have been involved in clinical practice, training, program development, and research, so I have first-hand knowledge of these issues. I have been fortunate to serve SPP in various roles and, thus, know how to work effectively within the governance process.

It is critical that SPP has an active voice at the APA level to advocate for child mental health and physical health needs as the national health care agenda is changing. In addition, the importance of keeping child health care interests in the legislative forefront is evident due to the economic factors affecting this country. I will ensure that Division members are informed about events occurring within APA that affect pediatric psychology at a national level and with respect to practice, training and research.

My experience in multiple roles in Division 54 and in various areas of pediatric psychology will make me an effective council representative. Thank you for your consideration.

Michael C. Roberts, PhD

Michael C. Roberts is professor and director of the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas. He is the current historian of the Society of Pediatric Psychology, having served as SPP president, Journal of Pediatric Psychology editor, and recently as national conference co-manager.

Roberts received his PhD from Purdue University and interned at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. After rising through the ranks at the University of Alabama, he moved to Kansas to start the Clinical Child program. He has published a number of books, including the Handbook of Pediatric Psychology for SPP, co-edited Children’s Health Care, and is the current editor of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

Candidate Statement
I am honored to run for the Society of Pediatric Psychology’s APA Council of Representatives. Currently, as SPP historian, I have a sense of the traditions and richness of pediatric psychology practice and research. I seek to represent SPP in the APA governance by advocating for not only the best interests of psychology, but also for our specialized interests for pediatric psychology. We must respond affirmatively to the challenges of a changing health care environment in which pediatric psychologists are integrally involved.

The field of pediatric psychology developed into a wonderfully vibrant force serving children and families through its research and practice. Through the years, pediatric psychology has continually adjusted and adapted at the forefront of innovation and should be a model for advancing the key concepts. We can accomplish much by focusing incredible energies and efforts to advance our innovative and substantial contributions, responding to changes in health service delivery organizations, and financing schemes presented by the Accountable Care Act and its related developments.

In contrast to its early years, SPP has well established financial resources and a solid organizational structure. However, similar to the founders, the Society has creative, smart, and energetic professionals in its membership. Thus, we also have the means and technology to fulfill the multiple needs for the field in its diverse applications. SPP can do even more with a vision to invest its enormous resources and talents to benefit the members, benefit our patients, and benefit society. I will work with SPP leadership and APA governance to help secure the future for our field. I would welcome the opportunity to continue my service.