Open Subgroup of the SPP Anti-Racism Work Group

Facilitator: Kelly Maynes


The mission of the Open Subgroup is to provide a forum and community to foster conversation and discussion about our role, as psychologists/psychologists-in-training, in being advocates.  Our discussions are meant to serve as opportunities to recognize our own biases; to support each other in our efforts to address racism within institutions, clinical practice, and our communities; and to debrief our own experiences.


The Open Subgroup strives to maintain a culture of respectful communication, particularly in the context of reviewing and monitoring our own implicit biases, values, and judgments.  We strive to promote professional wellness within our discussions with attention to our well-being and reasonable steps we may take to promote our own sense of competence in the workplace and in other interactions and experiences.


At present time, the Open Subgroup is a platform for discussion with intent to include our own subgroup, the larger anti-racism workgroup, the SPP community, and other societies and divisions who strive to address racism and inequity on all scales.

The Open Subgroup meets on the second Friday of the month at 5:00 pm ET.  Please contact Kelly Maynes for Zoom link if you would like to attend.  All are welcome.