PROGRESS NOTES-Call for dialogue!

In light of our SPP’s goals to have open and honest dialogue and to find ways to apply our pediatric psychology science to helping our communities, we would like devote space in Progress Notes for the discussion of Racial Trauma.  Specifically, we are calling for narratives related to impact of the killing of George Floyd, the resultant nationwide protests, and the ongoing racial disparities associated with COVID19 pandemic. 

Please write up to 200 words and send to newsletter editor Meghan Walls at DEADLINE JUNE 9.

Write ups will be reviewed by the newsletter editor, Meghan Walls and SPP board member, Idia Thurston. A few will be selected for inclusion into a column for the upcoming issue of the newsletter, release of which has been delayed to allow for inclusion of this important topic. To ensure all voices can be heard we will explore other innovative ways to share write-ups not included in this newsletter edition. If you would prefer to have your submission appear anonymously, please let us know.

The following are just suggestions – write whatever you want – no more than 200 words. Don’t review every aspect – just pick one story to share.

  • How has the killing of George Floyd and other incidents of racial injustice (killing of Ahmaud Arbery, killing of Breonna Taylor, Central park incident with Chris Cooper) impacted our pediatric psychology community of providers, academicians, trainees, families, and/or patients?
  • How has experiencing racial trauma affected your physical and psychological health and general mood?
  • How have recent incidents of racial injustice and the resultant protests impacted you, your work, your school, or your home life as pediatric psychologists and pediatric psychologists in training?
  • How have your family, students, colleagues, or clients been affected by racial trauma from these events?
  • How have your family, students, colleagues, or clients been affected by the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on Black and Brown communities?
  • How have your future career, living, finances, and/or travel been affected?

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Meghan Walls, SPP Electronics Communication Editor
  • Melissa Santos, SPP Member at Large for Diversity
  • Idia Thurston,  SPP Member at Large for Student/Trainee Development
  • Jennifer Shroff Pendley, SPP President