APA 2023 SPP Programming

We are thrilled about the strong representation Division 54 will have at the APA 2023 Annual Convention! This year, we extend our SPPAC theme of Pediatric Psychologists as Social Justice Change Agents Across Science, Practice, Training, and Policy to Washington DC! With more than 70 symposia, skills-building sessions, critical conversations, and posters, Pediatric Psychology is truly on display at the Convention.

See the full program to start planning now. Don’t forget our Business Meeting, where we will showcase highly-rated trainee contributions, or the Mega Social Hour, a fabulous opportunity to network with colleagues committed to work with children, youth, and families.

Finally, we are so appreciative for the support of the SPP Board, and enormous thanks go to our reviewers who volunteered their time to help us develop a cutting-edge scientific program!


Monica Agoston

Christina Amaro

Dana Bakula

Jillian Baranzini

Jaime Benson

Kris Berlin

Samudragupta Bora

Micah Brosbe

Mary Kathryn Cancilliere

Paul Enlow


Marissa Feldman

Nicole Fleischer

Carmelita Foster

Emily Gonzalez

Stephanie Hullman

Laura Judd-Glossy

Niki Jurbergs

Donna Marschall

Tarrah Mitchell

Jenna Oppenheim


Elizabeth Reynolds

Eileen Santa-Sosa

Jamie Shoop

Nicholas Smith

Mackenzie Sommerhalder

Dara Steinberg

Sukhpreet Tamana

Justin Williams

Lauren Wood


See you in DC,

-Thomaseo Burton (APA Program Chair) and Colleen Stiles-Shields (APA Program Co-Chair)


It's not too late to register!

Save up to $50 by taking advantage of Advance Registration, available until June 30, 2023