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Updates from Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology

Editor-in-Chief: Christina Duncan, Ph.D.
February 2024

We are excited to announce that Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (CPPP) has created a new Social Media Chair position on the editorial team. The inaugural Social Media Chair will be Dr. Jill Plevinsky, who is an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a pediatric psychologist in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her term will be for 2 years. We are excited to expand CPPP’s social media presence with De. Plevinsky’s expertise and enthusiasm. Keep your eyes out for additional ways to follow CPPP!

The editorial teams for CPPP and the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (JPP), in collaboration with additional experts, prepared an editorial that was published in JPP’s first issue of 2024 and soon will be released in the first issue of CPPP. This editorial provides recommendations on inclusive language and transparent reporting as it pertains to diversity dimensions in our journals and in the other published work of our readers. Our hope is that this paper will serve as a resource to shift how we conduct and report our pediatric psychology research as it relates to diversity and inclusivity, as well as inspire progress toward equitable healthcare delivery for our patients and families.

We recently released our special issue (Issue 4; Volume 11; 2023) on “Innovations in the Psychological Care of Pediatric Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction,” which was guest edited by Drs. Bonnie Essner and Shana Boyle. This series of articles included clinical intervention research, empirical studies, topical reviews, an ethics article, and a “call to action” commentary encouraging promotion of health equity in these pediatric disorders. While the first three issues of 2024 will be general issues, we have had tremendous interest in three upcoming special issues.

  • Intersections of Religion, Faith, Spirituality, and Pediatric Psychology,” will appear as Issue 4 in 2024 and is guest edited by Drs. E. Thomaseo Burton and Caroline Kaufman.
  • Highlighting Students and Trainees in Pediatric Psychology,” will be the first issue in 2025. It is guest edited by Drs. Nicole Kahhan and Megan Cohen.
  • Traumatic Stress in Pediatric Medical Settings” will be guest edited by Drs. Tony Vesco and Julia Price. LOI submissions were recently due on February 1.

If you have any ideas for future special issues, please share your thoughts with me (Christina.Duncan12@okstate.edu). We welcome the opportunity to shape the journal’s content to the interest and needs of its readers.

With the new year, there have been some changes and updates to our masthead. We have intentionally sought to gradually widen representation on the editorial board with respect to areas of expertise, institutional affiliations, international status, career stages, and individuals with marginalized identities. We are sincerely grateful for the commitment and dedication of our editorial board members and reviewers. The quality of reviews has been superb.

We are happy to report that submissions to CPPP have increased recently. We appreciate the opportunity to consider your work for publication. As a reminder, CPPP publishes different types of submissions, including brief reports, full empirical articles, case studies, qualitative analyses, quality improvement works, topical reviews, systematic reviews/meta-analyses, advances in training, and ethics topics. We are especially interested in articles covering practice-related advances, challenges in the field

of pediatric psychology nationally and internationally, and diversity, inclusivity, and health equity. Please see the website (http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/cpp) for up-to-date journal information and submission guidelines. As always, we look forward to serving our readers and welcome emails sharing comments, suggestions, or ideas (Christina.Duncan12@okstate.edu).


Updates from the Journal of Pediatric Psychology

Editor-in-Chief: Avani Modi, Ph.D.
February 2024

Happy New Year to all! We have several new and exciting initiatives for JPP this coming year that I want to share with our society.

JPP Editor and Support Team
First, I would be remiss if I did not thank our wonderful team. I want to continue to thank my incredible team of Associate Editors (Marisa Hilliard, Chad Jensen, Kristin Long, Cecelia Valrie, Katie Devine, Kurt Freeman, and Emily Law), SPP Student Journal Club Co-Chairs (Karen Dimentstein and Caroline Roberts), Social Media Chair (Alex Monzon), and Transparent Reporting Editors (Andrea Fidler and Kelly Rea). Most importantly, I want to send a big thank to Susan Wood, who has helped keep our journal running for many years-we could not do this job without her and her extraordinary talents. Also, a big thank you to our reviewers and Editorial Board members for taking the time to review manuscripts and ensure we publish high caliber science within JPP.

Editorial Board Meeting
To enhance participation, we will host the JPP Editorial Board Meeting virtually on
March 20, 2024 at 4pm EST. Here is the zoom link:
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/6931598159?omn=83065199010 (Meeting ID: 693 159 8159)

DEI efforts
We partnered with Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology to create an editorial entitled “Recommendations on inclusive language and transparent reporting relating to diversity dimensions for the Journal of Pediatric Psychology and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology” (https://academic.oup.com/jpepsy/article/49/1/1/7505285) in the inaugural 2024 issue for both journals. This editorial introduces revised guidelines on diversity dimensions for both journals. Acknowledging that this is a rapidly evolving area of science, the updated guidelines represent a living document that will exist online within the Instructions for Authors of both journals, which will be updated yearly.

New Efforts

  • As many of you are aware, we published the first supplement focused on the Society for Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference 2023 abstract last year. We will have our second supplement for the 2024 conference and hope to have this published prior to the conference.
  • We also had a special section focused on Injury Prevention in Partnership with the SPP Fall Conference, which was published in the final December issue of JPP for 2023.
  • Finally, we expanded from 10 to 12 issues per year.

Special Issues
We have several special sections/issues coming up this year. We will continue with our  Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Pediatric Psychology special section but will discontinue the Clinical Trials special section and integrate those manuscripts with Regular Articles moving forward.  We have a number of special issues/sections. The first issue is focused on Prevention, with co-editors Tiffany Rybak, Katie Devine, and Christopher Houck will be coming out in one of the new issues of the journal.  The second is focused on Improving Digital Health Implementation in Pediatric Populations: From Design to Sustainment being managed by Drs. Alexandra Psihogios and Colleen Stiles-Shields. Third, Drs. Emily Law and Katelynn Boerner are serving as guest editors for a special issue focused on Contemporary and Cross-Cutting Evidence-Based Interventions in Pediatric Psychology. This special issue builds upon Dr. Palermo’s Evidence-Based Treatment issue from 10 years ago in JPP and manuscripts are already under review. Finally, Drs. Rocio de la Vega and Christine Sieberg will be guest editing a special issue focused on international approaches to addressing pediatric pain highlighting science from the 2023 European Pediatric Psychology Conference.

JPP Student Journal Club
Our JPP Student Journal Club has been going strong this past year with 31 members. Our student member continue to write new commentaries and participate in webinar sessions. Learn more at https://academic.oup.com/jpepsy/pages/journal_club.