Highlighting the SAB Podcast!

Upcoming Episode Release of the Pediatric Psychology Podcast:
“Equitable Treatment of Graduate Students in Psychology”

 Ashley Wolfe, MA (Kent State University, Kent, OH)
& Kathryn “Katie” Davis, MA (Boston University, Boston, MA)


In February 2023, the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives approved educational guidelines created by a taskforce consisting of members of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) and the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA). The resulting guidelines, titled The APA Guidelines on Equitable and Respectful Treatment of Students in Graduate Psychology Programs, are the first of their kind to recommend aspirational processes, policies, and practices to promote the equitable and respectful treatment of graduate students in psychology programs (American Psychological Association, APAGS-BEA Work Group).

Given the novelty and relevance of this topic to graduate students, including graduate students in pediatric psychology programs, co-hosts of the Pediatric Psychology Podcast, Ashley Wolfe, MA, and Katie Davis, MA, decided to highlight the guidelines in their most recent podcast episode. Former co-chair of the APAGS work group, Dr. Blanka Angyal, joined Ashley and Katie on the podcast to discuss the guidelines, the sociopolitical inspiration for their construction, and ways that she believes programs can go about implementing and utilizing them in practice. “The practices in this document really aim to inform […] programs and administrators, faculty, and deans of what they can do […] to really create an environment where graduate students can thrive––because graduate students are the future of our profession and psychology,” Dr. Angyal stated. Throughout the episode, listeners will have the opportunity to hear about the four dimensions of equitable and respectful practice; the role of graduate students, staff, supervisors, and administrators in promoting equitable treatment of graduate students; and how prospective students can utilize the guidelines to assess fit of potential programs.  

About the Podcast

Since its launch in 2022, the Pediatric Psychology Podcast has released content specifically aimed at supporting the development of pediatric psychology trainees. This current episode serves as the first in a mini-series of episodes geared towards highlighting ongoing efforts to promote equitable treatment of graduate students and how these efforts relate to pediatric psychology graduate students in particular. Future episodes will discuss graduate student efforts for equity via unionization, explore other efforts for equity when unionization is not a desired or feasible option, and highlight the needs of students in pediatric psychology programs.

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American Psychological Association, APAGS-BEA Work Group. (2023). Equitable and Respectful Treatment of Students in Graduate Psychology Programs. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/about/policy/guidelines-equitable-treatment-students.pdf.