Pediatric Gastroenterology SIG (PG SIG)

Co-Chairs: Bonney Reed, PhD, & Margo Szabo, PhD

The Pediatric Gastroenterology (PG) SIG is committed to connecting its members with GI Psychology-related research, clinical, and educational programming and resources. Our SIG holds Journal Club and Clinical Case Conference meetings monthly to discuss recent articles and case presentations that may be of interest to our SIG members. For Journal club, discussions typically include a brief discussion of study methodology/results and then move on to consider applications relevant to clinical care and program development in Pediatric GI Psychology. Clinical Case Conferences include a summary of a journal article related to a common GI psychology concern followed by a relevant case discussion led by one of our SIG members. These meetings occur virtually on first Mondays from 12:00-1:00 EST and alternate between Journal Club and Clinical Case Conference. If you are interested in joining, please email: Kelly Rodriguez, PhD or Linda Nicolotti, PhD.

Our SIG Student Representatives host an annual virtual peer support group for trainees with an interest in Pediatric GI Psychology to provide peer support and mentorship for all trainee levels. Our Members at Large and Student Representatives regularly update our external website with training opportunities, research updates and opportunities to collaborate, and clinical resources that are relevant to our SIG members. The growing Celiac Disease Behavioral Science Consortium was initially established thanks to the PG SIG, which has allowed members to connect with shared interests in celiac disease and has expanded its membership in recent years. We welcome anyone interested to join these activities and to consider being a part of this thriving SIG!