2023 Student Research Grants and Awards

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our 2023 Student Research Grants and Awards. These winners were selected out of a pool of impressive applicants. The future of pediatric psychology is very bright!  

Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant Award 

Francesca Penner

  • Project Title: Preventing Abusive Head Trauma in Infancy: Predictive Utility of Prenatal Emotion Regulation
  • Institution: Yale University Child Study Center 

Drotar-Crawford Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Grant in Pediatric Psychology 

Kemar Prussein  

  • Project Title: Transition Readiness, Outcomes, and Discrimination in Sickle Cell Disease 
  • Mentor: Lisa Schwartz, PhD 
  • Institution: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

Emily Moscato 

  • Project Title: Community-Engaged Transcreation of a Usable Digital Health Parenting Intervention for Caregivers of Young Childhood Cancer Survivors 
  • Mentor: Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD
  • Institution: Nationwide Children’s Hospital 

Marion and Donald Routh Student Research Grant 

Natalie Koskela-Staples 

  • Project Title: Association between parent-child communication patterns and pediatric asthma outcomes: A mixed methods study 
  • Mentor: David Fedele, PhD 
  • Institution: The University of Florida

Rachel Fisher (runner up) 

  • Project Title: Parental Healthcare Advocacy in Families of Children with Cancer: A Mixed Methods Approach 
  • Mentor: Larry Mullins, PhD 
  • Institution: Oklahoma State University 

Mary Jo Kupst Trainee Grant for Research in Resilience 

Kara West 

  • Project: Youth and Family Functioning and Resilience Across the First Six-Months Post-Solid Organ Transplant 
  • Mentors: Debra Lefkowitz, PhD and Jill Plevinsky, PhD 
  • Institution: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

 Student Research Award 

Hayoung Kim 

  • Paper Title: Understanding somatic symptoms associated with South Korean adolescent suicidal ideation, depression, and social anxiety 
  • Mentor: Scott Solberg, PhD 
  • Institution: Boston University