Pediatric Research/Innovative Statistical Methodology (PRISM) special interest group (SIG)

New SIG promotes education, networking and utilization of innovative research and statistical methodologies.

By Bryan T. Karazsia, PhD, and Kristoffer S. Berlin , PhD

It is with great pleasure that we introduce a new special interest group (SIG) within the Society of Pediatric Psychology, Pediatric Research/Innovative Statistical Methodology (PRISM) SIG. As the title indicates, this SIG is for anyone and everyone within Div. 54 interested in learning about and/or adopting innovative methodologies in research. Our formal mission is to “promote, support, and enhance quality research in pediatric psychology by increasing the use and dissemination of innovative statistical and research methodologies.”

In a sense, our SIG is a meta-SIG, or a SIG designed to enhance existing efforts within the community of pediatric psychologists. Consequently, many of our members are actively involved in other SIGs. We are open to all content areas of pediatric psychology. In fact, the only prerequisite for membership is a membership of good standing within Div. 54.

As a new SIG, we are still working to get the ball rolling on our first initiatives. These will include awards that highlight best practices in research design and quantitative methodologies at divisional poster sessions, networking opportunities, resource creation and training opportunities.

So, what does all of this boil down to? If you like thinking about, talking about or learning about quantitative methods or innovative approaches to studying phenomena in pediatric psychology, sign up. If you enjoy and actually look for opportunities to run a factor analysis or examine growth curve trajectories, sign up. If that’s not you, please don’t be afraid to join anyway. As our mission states, we want to enhance research across the field, and we welcome new ideas and insights.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to send an email to current co-chairs, Kris Berlin and Bryan Karazsia.