Research Subgroup of the Antiracism Workgroup

The SPP Anti-Racism in Research Subgroup is actively working on multiple initiatives to promote anti-racism in pediatric psychology research:

  • A systematic review of the state of the Pediatric Psychology literature in terms of inclusive research and reporting practices
  • Guidelines or best practices for inclusive research
  • A bank of resources to promote inclusive research practices—from starting a lab to use of systems-based language in manuscripts.

Additionally, multiple new efforts are underway:

  • URM Research Mentoring program supported by a SPP Anti-Racism Grant
  • A group that can review manuscripts for inclusive, systems-based language prior to submission

The SPP Anti-Racism in Research Subgroup has also been reading and discussing articles as a group. Articles that we have discussed thus far include:

If interested in more information or to join the SPP Anti-Racism in Research Subgroup, please contact: