Resources to Establish and Maintain a Special Interest Group

Special Interest Group (SIG) Policies, Procedures, and Resources


Purpose of SIGs

The purpose of special interest groups is to facilitate national networking of SPP members in an identified subspecialty, disease or interest area. SIGs are a structural unit of the society and a reflection of the needs and activities of the members. Any member can participate in these groups.

Procedure to establish a SIG

Any group of 10 or more SPP members may apply for the formation of a special interest group. The letter of application (max. two pages) should include the name of the proposed SIG, the description of the proposed activities of the SIG, as well as the names and email addresses of the founding members and leadership.

The SIG Chair should email the letter of application to the membership member-at-large for subsequent approval by the SPP Board of Directors. The membership member-at-large will provide verbal or written (email is sufficient) notification of the decision to the SIG chair.

SIG responsibilities

SIG responsibilities are detailed in the Policies and Procedures for Special Interest Groups. This document provides information regarding establishing and maintaining a SIG, SIG leadership, funding requests, and SIG activities and resources.

How to join

Requests to join SIGs should be sent to the SPP administrative officer who can confirm whether the individual is indeed an SPP member and then provide approval to the SIG chair that the individual is eligible to join.

Additional resources for SIG chairs and leadership

SIG chairs or other leadership will find the following documents helpful:

  1. SIG Policies & Procedures (updated annually)
  2. Status Report to SPP Board of Directors (SIGs are required to submit twice a year)
  3. SIG Funding Request Form (this is a fillable pdf form to request funding)
  4. SIG Invoice for Payment (this is a sample invoice for SIGs to use to process payments for poster winners, honoraria, etc.)