Allergic Diseases Special Interest Group

The prevalence of childhood allergic diseases, such as asthma, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and eosinophilic diseases has increased during the past two decades.

The mission of the Allergic Diseases SIG is to foster professional collaboration among clinicians and researchers with an interest in understanding the psychosocial experience of children with allergic diseases and their families and furthering the use of evidence-based approaches to assessment and intervention in this population.


Our specific goals are to:

  • Increase collaborative relationships and opportunities among pediatric psychologists who conduct research and provide clinical care to pediatric patients with allergic diseases and their families.
  • Facilitate the study and discussion of psychosocial aspects of allergic diseases.
  • Facilitate the development, evaluation and dissemination of assessment tools, clinical interventions, and educational resources for various allergic diseases.
  • Increase access to and promote use of evidence-based assessment, intervention, and educational resources among researchers and clinicians who work with children with allergic diseases and their families.
  • Advance the inclusion of diverse populations in research related to allergic diseases and promote health equity for children with allergic diseases and their families.
  • Promote training and mentoring opportunities in allergic diseases.
  • Foster cooperation and multidisciplinary collaboration among professionals working to improve the lives of children with allergic diseases and their families.
  • Foster awareness of the psychosocial aspects of allergic diseases among the broader Division 54 membership in recognition of the high prevalence of allergic diseases in the pediatric population.

Measures Reviews

The SIG is reviewing measures related to certain populations.



Co-Chairs: Mallory Netz, PhD (Children’s Mercy), Kaitlin Proctor, PhD, ABPP (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta)
Clinical Chair: Rachel Tenenbaum, PhD (Fort Health)
Research Chair: Alayna Tackett, PhD (Ohio State University)
Communications Chair: Sara Voorhees (Boston Children’s Hospital)
Social Media Chair: Melissa Engel, MA (Emory University)
Student Representatives: Natalie Koskela-Staples, M.S. (University of Florida), Frances Cooke (Catholic University)

Join the SIG

If you would like to join the Allergic Diseases SIG, please log into the Member Portal and go to "Join a SIG/RIG/Affinity Group" on the dropbox and select "Allergic Diseases."


For more information, please contact one of the chairs: Amy Hahn or Mallory Netz.

Join the Board!


All Allergic Diseases SIG leadership positions are 2-year commitments.  Co-Chair positions are filled through self-nomination.  If multiple individuals self-nominate, a vote will be taken by the SIG membership prior to the SPP annual conference.  SIG Co-Chairs appoint all other chairs based upon self-nomination.  All new leadership board members assume their roles immediately following the annual conference.

Leadership board positions include: Co-chairs, Research Chair, Clinical Chair, Communications Chair, Social Media Chair, Student/Trainee Representatives.

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