Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder (FNSD) Special Interest Group

 Mission Statement

We are dedicated to creating a space to share ideas and promote increased understanding of assessment and treatment of FNSD in the field of pediatric psychology through educational opportunities, clinical and research collaboration, and facilitation of cross-institution communication.


  • Advance knowledge base and understanding of FNSD, including biopsychosocial factors associated with development and maintenance of symptoms, impairment, and treatment response. Explore and dismantle barriers to access to care.
  • Disseminate evidence-based assessment and intervention techniques for treating patients and families with FNSD.
  • Create educational and mentorship opportunities for pediatric psychology students interested in experiences in assessment and treatment of FNSD
  • Foster networking, communication, and collaboration among pediatric psychologists providing care to patients with FNSD, in addition to creating space for research collaboration and discussion.
  • Develop relationships and educational opportunities with other disciplines, SIGS, and organizations involved in FNSD (e.g., FND Society).

Leadership & Committees

SIG Co-Chairs: Laurie Thompson, PhD and Aaron Fobian, PhD

Clinical Committee Co-Chairs: Areti Vassilopoulos, PhD and Kristen Trott, PhD

Education Committee Co-Chairs: Caitlin Thompson, PhD and Richa Aggarwal Dutta, PhD

Research Committee Co-Chairs: Maggie Tunney, PsyD and Janelle Heddings, PhD

Outreach Committee Co-Chairs: Cassie Ross, PsyD and Angelique Snyder, PsyD

Trainee Committee Co-Chairs: Chelsea Dale, PhD and Alison Fletcher, BA

To Join

SPP invites members with a shared interest to consider joining one or more Special Interest Groups (SIGs) by logging into the Member Portal and going to "Join a SIG/RIG/Affinity Group" on the dropbox.

For More Information

For more information please visit our website: Please email the SIG co-chairs to be added to the listserv.