Medical Traumatic Stress Special Interest Group

The Medical Traumatic Stress Special Interest Group (MTS SIG) is a network of professionals developed to stimulate research on the nature of medical traumatic stress and develop, refine and disseminate interventions to address it.  Furthermore, it will promote trauma-informed care within larger healthcare systems.  The focus of the SIG will take a systemic perspective (including family and broader healthcare systems) and will address the following topics:

  1. Posttraumatic stress related to injury/traumatic brain injury or medical illness (diagnosis, invasive/aversive treatment or hospital admission)
  2. The effects of traumatic stress on pediatric health and disease
  3.  The effects of preexisting complex traumatic stress history (e.g., child abuse/neglect) on other pediatric psychology issues such as adherence, coping, pain and sleep
  4. Alternative responses to medical trauma (i.e., resilience, posttraumatic growth)



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Sarah VerLee (co-chair)
Nationwide Children’s Hospital/The Ohio State University

Carisa Perry-Parrish (co-chair)
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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