So you want to be a Division 54 fellow?

Apply now for Division 54 fellow status.

SPP members are encouraged to consider becoming a Div. 54 fellow. Fellow status reflects APA and colleague recognition of extraordinary contributions to our discipline. Criteria for fellow recognition include having a national impact on psychology, sustained contributions to pediatric psychology for more than five years, distinctive contributions to pediatric psychology that are recognized by others as excellent and contributions whose impact extends beyond the immediate setting in which the candidate works.

Application Procedures

Submit materials by Nov. 15 for consideration during the next cycle. Applications are reviewed by the SPP Fellows Committee. If accepted by the SPP Fellows Committee, the supporting materials go the APA Fellows Committee in February. If accepted by the APA Fellows Committee, applications go to the APA Board of Directors and Council of Representatives for a vote at the annual meeting.

For more information, visit the APA fellows website.