SPP grant awards and research competition winners 2013

Find out who the 2013 SPP award winners are.

Mary Jo Kupst Trainee Grant for Research in Resilience

Winner Laura Cousins Georgia State University “The Application of a Risk-Resilience Model in Pediatric Chronic Pain”




The Marion and Donald Routh Student Research Grant


Bridget Armstrong University of Florida “The Impact of the Built Environment on a Family-Based Lifestyle Intervention for Overweight and Obese Rural Children”


Honorable Mention Nicole Racine York University “Examination of Preschooler Anticipatory Distress in a Pain Context”




SPP Student Research Award Competition


Katelynn Boerner Dalhousie University “Caregiver Accuracy in Detecting Deception in Facial Expressions of Pain in Children ”

Honorable Mention

Bonney Reed-Knight University of Georgia “Behavioral Functioning in Youth with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Perceived Barriers as Mediator of Medication Adherence”



Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant


Catherine Glenn Harvard University“Examining the Neurobiology of Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents”

Honorable Mention

Adam Horwitz University of Michigan “Assessing the Suicidal Ideation Rumination Scale (SIRS) as a Predictor of Future Suicidal Attempts among High Risk Adolescents and Young Adults”


Diversity Research Grant


Erin Rodriguez University of Illinois at Chicago “