Strategic Plan

Strategic planning

Strategic Plan

At its midwinter board meeting in February 2012, the SPP Board conducted a strategic planning retreat to clarify SPP's purpose and goals, identify strategic issues and priorities, and conduct long-range financial planning for the society. Prior to and during this planning meeting, the board extensively reviewed and then worked to redefine the mission and vision of SPP.

This work provided the foundation for setting goals and priorities to guide the society in the near future. The following is a summary of the results of the board's planning efforts. Each year, strategies and projects will be selected to advance these strategic initiatives. The strategies in place are the basis of important new projects that SPP is funding.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Enhance focus on evidence-based practice and practice-oriented initiatives.

  2. Serve as the authoritative source of information about pediatric psychology for the public and other health professionals.

  3. Advance and support education in pediatric psychology through a yearly national conference.

  4. Develop and sustain a website that provides a valuable and integral resource for the membership.

  5. Advocate for pediatric psychology services on a national level.

  6. Support special research initiatives.

  7. Devise strategies to develop and retain the future generation of pediatric psychologists

  8. Expand internationally.

An annual report will be compiled at the end of the year to demonstrate progress toward our strategic initiatives.