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Alyssa Lundahl is a graduating senior at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln under the mentorship of Timothy Nelson, PhD. She will begin her doctoral training in pediatric psychology with Nelson this fall.

Lundahl has a strong track record in pediatric psychology research. She has been a key collaborator on Nelson’s Pediatric Health and Stress Project, which examines the relationship between psychosocial stressors, pediatric health behaviors, and health outcomes. She also has experience as a research assistant examining sleep and physical activity in children with asthma and with delivering a family-based, obesity-prevention intervention to at-risk children and their parents.

Lundahl has presented her research at international, national, and local conferences, and she currently has a first-author manuscript under review. She is described by her mentor as “an extraordinarily talented student who will surely have an important impact on the field of pediatric psychology.”

In the future, Lundahl hopes to continue research on the psychosocial factors associated with the continuum of weight disorders (from eating disorders to obesity) in children and adolescents and develop innovative ways of treating such disorders.

Call for Student Spotlight

SPP’s Student Advisory Board is accepting nominations for outstanding graduate students in pediatric psychology. One student will be selected based upon his/ her interest in and contributions to the field. Only graduate students will be considered.

The selected student will be featured in the Student Spotlight section of Progress Notes. This is a wonderful opportunity to honor a graduate student and provide the student with exposure to Division 54.

A nomination form may be requested from Bonney Reed-Knight. Please send the nomination form, a letter of recommendation, and the nominee’s CV to Student Advisory Board member Bonney Reed-Knight. Submission deadline is July 13, 2012.