Student Spotlight Award

Katherine Follansbee-Junger is a fourth year graduate student in Clinical and Health Psychology with a concentration in Pediatric Psychology at the University of Florida. With a demonstrated record of excellence in her research and clinical work, her areas of interest include pediatric obesity, health promotion, management of pediatric chronic illness, psychosocial correlates of pediatric chronic illness, and treatment outcome. 

Follansbee-Junger is currently conducting a longitudinal study under the mentorship of David Janicke, PhD, for her dissertation examining the role of health behaviors and psychosocial functioning in anti-epileptic drug-induced weight gain among children with epilepsy. Impressively, she has received a grant from Children’s Miracle Network to support her novel project. Her thesis examining the impact of behavioral weight management programsion unhealthy eating attitudes was also recently published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.
Follansbee-Junger is applying for predoctoral internships in pediatric psychology. She hopes to work in a pediatric hospital setting conducting research and delivering evidence-based interventions with a focus on promoting individual and family adaptation to illness.

Call For Student Spotlight Nominations

SPP’s Student Advisory Board is accepting nominations for outstanding undergraduate students in pediatric psychology. Three selected students will be featured in Progress Notes and on the Division 54 website based on their commitment and contributions to the field. 
Please send the form, recommendation letter and the nominee’s CV to Christopher Fitzgerald and/or Elizabeth Schneider.
Deadline is April 15, 2011.