Student Spotlight

Amy Lang is currently a fifth-year graduate student in the clinical psychology doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee under the mentorship of W. Hobart Davies, PhD. Amy’s personal experience with juvenile-onset idiopathic arthritis has greatly informed the development of her skills as an advocate, educator, researcher, and clinician in the field of pediatric psychology. She is a motivated and compassionate scientist-practitioner whose research interests revolve around the emerging research area on healthcare transition among adolescents and emerging adults with chronic mental and physical health conditions. Amy’s dissertation is investigating the unique challenges and changes experienced by adolescents with chronic pain as they prepare for intersecting developmental (i.e., adolescence to adulthood), health and illness (i.e., family to independent self-management), and organizational (i.e., pediatric to adult healthcare) transitions. She has also engaged in advocacy work through co-founding a campus clinical child/pediatric psychology graduate student organization, serving on the Society of Pediatric Psychology Adolescent/Young Adult Special Interest Group Leadership Board, and being appointed the student co-chair of a recently formed program diversity committee. As she prepares for her future career as a pediatric psychologist in an academic medical center, Amy plans to continue this line of research to support successful healthcare transition and improved health outcomes for adolescents and emerging adults with chronic health conditions.